DESCRIPTION : Friction rock bolts produce superior holding power due to their unique design that exerts pressure against the rock over its full contact length immediately upon installation.

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PRODUCT NAME :Druc – SDA (Self Drilling Anchor)

DESCRIPTION : Self-drilling anchor (SDA) is a bolting solution for unstable ground conditions such as sand, gravel, silt, and clays, and in soft to medium fractured rock formations.

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PRODUCT NAME :Pilot Push Tube

DESCRIPTION : Pilot Push Tube is a pre-support system of concentric drilling with simultaneous tube installation. Any excavation process directly affects the distribution of existing tensions in a rock mass.

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PRODUCT NAME :– Cable Bolts

DESCRIPTION :Cable Bolt is made of steel strand, and has perfect support capacity. Usually in the area where common grouted support is vacant or inadequate, and especially good for permanent ground support with some resin cartridge.

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DESCRIPTION :The two of the key areas where Roof/Rock Bolts are used is mining and tunneling. Roof/Rock Bolts are distinguished from resin and anchor mortars are The easy with which they are handled and Various applications.

These structure are designed to sustain, with in the allowable design loads and forces which are properly distributed. The roof/rock bolt is an innovative rock support bolt that provides both immediate and permanent anchorage.

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